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The Customs & Excise Division is a division of the Ministry of Finance. Its role is:

Revenue Collection and Protection

We implement national, regional and international policy, the aim of which is to raise revenue and combat any associated fraud.

The correct application of Trade Policy

We apply and monitor compliance with trade related rules and agreements in order to facilitate legitimate trade.

Protecting our physical Borders, Society and the Environment

We combat Smuggling; enforce Health, Standards and Environmental Policy and Laws.

Collect and disseminate accurate Trade related information and statistics

We are required by law to provide this information to the Central Statistical Office for compilation, analysis and publication of Trade Data.
Rates of Exchange
Effective July 08 2024
Curr $TT $Curr $TT
AUS 0.53417USD 6.77605
BRL 1.24189CAD 5.32841
CZK 0.29256GBP 9.17057
DKK 0.98546JPY 0.04458
FIM 1.23624EUR 8.02082


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